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Welcome to what presently suffices as my home page. My name's Scott Johnson. Realistically, I expect that even this may be more than most people want or need to know about me. This page exists purely as a redirector, leading to any actual content I may place in various dark corners of the World Wide Web from time to time.

If you have reached this page in error, calmly hit the BACK button on your browser, and continue to the online shopping (or porn) site of your choice. If you have reached this site intentionally, ... uh ... maybe you can enlighten me as to why anyone would ever do that!

You're still here? Okay then, so long as you're going to stick around for a bit, let me invite you to peruse the menu to the left of this text (unless I've committed a serious Joomla error, in which case they might be to the right, above, below, behind, or thirteen kilometers west of this text.) They will take you whatever set of resources I've been foolish enough to post on the web for everyone to see.

Thanks for stopping by!